Commercial Electrical Services

Commercial lights come in just about every size, shape and type imaginable. Sometimes it takes an expert just to find the correct type of bulb replacement and requires a variety of different questions such as “is it a special colored decor bulb? Does it have a safety coating? Is it a special type of light spectrum — like the type required for food service or reef-keeping?” At Solutions Mechanical, we take the mystery out of commercial and specialty lighting by providing you with a fully licensed electrician — factory trained in lighting systems. Call us today at 303-777-6987 for more information. 

Service Panel Upgrades

Solutions Mechanical’s electrical team can design, build, and install any type of system. From 200 to 1000 amp upgrades, to new systems built from scratch, we are the team you can trust.

High Voltage Electrical Equipment Services

New equipment requires connection to the electrical grid before it can be fully functional. While most consumer-grade products can easily plug into a wall, larger commercial machinery often needs to be wired directly into your electrical panel. This can be a dangerous procedure exposing the installer to high voltage currents. Be safe, and let our licensed team handle that!

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