Lloyd E. Neal PE/PTOE

Business Experience/Capabilities/Specialty Areas

38 years’ experience in the Transportation Engineering, Operations, and Safety Industry.

27 years Directing Public Agency Transportation Serves for large counties and affluent cities.

Guided development of Innovative Transportation Designs that improve mobility and air quality.

Developed award winning Environmental Operations and Data Driven Management Systems.

Traffic Engineering Studies & Analysis

  • Rail Crossing Safety
  • Urban Transportation Planning
  • Speed Zones and Regulation
  • Travel Time and Delay
  • Highway Economy
  • Traffic Volume
  • School Zone Safety
  • Road Capacity and Levels of Service
  • Parking Studies
  • Application of Origin and Destination Data
  • Street and Highway Lighting
  • Roadside Safety
  • Crash Analysis
  • Signal Justification, Design, Operation, and Maintenance
  • Pedestrian Crossings and Walkways
  • Traffic Signal Justification and Coordination

Transportation Design

  • Single Point Urban Interchange
  • Loading and Unloading Areas
  • Dynamic Traffic Control Plans
  • Traffic Mini-Circles
  • Traffic Signals
  • Roundabout Intersections
  • Guardrail Installation and Maintenance
  • Bicycle Facilities
  • Median Left-Turn Intersection
  • Roadway Striping Plans
  • Roadway Geometric Design
  • Active Transportation Systems
  • Traffic Signal Transit Stops

Administrative Control

  • Cooperative Activities
  • Traffic Safety Management Systems
  • Traffic Laws and Ordinances
  • Organization Development and Management
  • Public Relations and Outreach
  • Parking Facility Development and Management
  • Court Operations and Support
  • Emergency Management
  • Public Safety Support

Potential Clients

  • Land Developers
  • Urban Planning Organizations
  • Construction Companies
  • Public Works and Road Maintenance Organizations
  • Public Transit Entities
  • Rail Crossing Operations
  • Public Safety Traffic Enforcement
  • Utility Companies
  • Retail Mall Parking and Active Transportation
  • Road-Use Permit Organizations
  • Neighborhood Traffic Safety Organizations
  • School Districts
  • Truck Terminal Operators
  • Municipal Transportation Organizations

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